Quick View Caliber - G10 Edition

Caliber - G10 Edition

$219.00 - $259.00
The Caliber is a premium quality knife that is easy to carry and conceal. The 3-inch spear ground D2 blade runs on our proprietary Brous Blades bearing system. The action on the Caliber is one of the fastest we have yet to offer and it fires out like a...
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Quick View Razorback


$249.00 - $289.00
The Razorback is one of our most unique flippers of 2016. At only 7 inches long, it is the smallest knife we have made to date. It has a full 3D milled titanium framelock construction and a recurve D2 blade. The handles have been milled on the inside...
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Quick View Hardwire


$219.00 - $259.00
The Hardwire is one of our most unique folders offered at a budget-friendly price. The 4.25-inch D2 blade has a compound grind with a futuristic look, and has a two-tiered milled cutout that can be used as a secondary opening option. The handles are...
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Quick View Reloader - Aluminum Edition

Reloader - Aluminum Edition

$169.00 - $209.00
Introducing the new Aluminum Edition of the Reloader Flipper, a collaborative design between custom knifemakers Jason Brous and Mikkel Willumsen. The blade is D2 steel and features a unique main hollow grind with a flat ground tanto style tip and a thick...
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Quick View Icon


$74.50 - $189.00
The Icon is a brand new collaboration we have been working on with knife designer TJ Shwartz. The Icon was designed to be slim and easy to carry, making it the perfect EDC knife. The 3.5-inch D2 blade deploys quickly thanks to our bearing system and...
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Quick View Jake Hoback - Kwaiback Collaboration

Jake Hoback - Kwaiback Collaboration

$74.50 - $179.00
The long awaited Hoback/Brous collaboration is finally here! We've taken Jake Hobacks popular Kwaiback model and created a version that is more attainable and cost effective. The Kwaiback is the lightest it has ever been due to aircraft grade aluminum...
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Quick View Mini Kami

Mini Kami

The Minikami is a super lightweight knife, the copper handle is thin which cuts the weight considerably, and the Battlbox branded clip will come in handy if you want to keep it at the ready in a pocket. It’s reminiscent of a barbershop style razor with...
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